Automatic Screw Machine Parts Manufacturers & Suppliers

Are you interested in producing corrugated, expanded, or perforated metal parts for your business? R & D Manufacturing Inc. has specialized in providing companies with these kinds of parts for more than 20 years now. We have worked with those in the medical and dental fields, the automotive industry, and much more, and we are able to do it by providing them with machining and milling services in Oregon. These services make it possible for use to produce parts with precise shapes and sizes, and they allow us to do it quickly so that you won’t need to wait long for your parts.

Machining Process for Automatic Screw Part Manufacturing & Supply

Machining is a process that involves using computers and the unique software inside of them to control machine tools like lathes, mills, routers, and grinders. By utilizing machining and milling services we can take the design for a part and bring it to life. Furthermore, we can produce parts over and over again with the same precision simply by punching a code into our computers. Machining makes it simple for us to provide metal parts to our customers that are produced to their exact specifications.

Milling Process for Automatic Screw Parts

Milling is a term that refers to the machining process that involves using rotary cutters to remove materials during the part production process. Milling is one of the most popular forms of machining, and it’s not difficult to see why once you start using it. The machining and milling services we perform will take a piece of metal and turn it into the part that you want in a matter of just seconds.

If you aren’t using machining and milling to your advantage already, you should start doing it now. Give R & D Manufacturing Inc. a call at 503-693-8088 today to see how they can help you.