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One of the ways that R & D Manufacturing Inc. helps businesses produce the corrugated, expanded, and perforated metal parts they need is by using a process that is called CMC machining. CNC machining is a process that is often utilized by those in the manufacturing sector. It involves using computers in order to take control of machine tools. Some of the tools used during the machining process include lathes, routers, mills, and grinders. We are able to produce high-quality parts for our customers by helping design them and then using machining to get the job done.

Our Machining Process for Automatic Screw Machine Tools

When you look at the computers used to carry out the machining process, you might mistake them for ordinary computers. However, they contain unique software and a control console that are used to conduct machining. The CAD or computer aided design software can be completely customized to create specific parts, and once this has been done, it makes it easy to create the same part over and over again. CNC machining is a lot more precise that manual machining is, and it’s known to produce the best possible parts at the end of the process. It’s why R & D Manufacturing Inc. turns to machining early and often when producing metal parts for companies.

At R & D Manufacturing Inc., our No. 1 goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We want them to get their hands on the parts they need in a timely fashion. We have been helping companies in a variety of industries get the parts they need for more than 20 years now, and would welcome the opportunity to help your company.

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