Industry Parts Applications

There are so many industries that need to have high-quality, precision machined metal parts produced on a regular basis. At R&D Manufacturing Inc., we work hard to serve as many of these industries as we can and have been providing them with the metal parts they need for more than 25 years. With a dedicated team that has over 50 years of collective experience, we’re able to set companies up with services like medical parts, dental parts, and other industrial parts manufacturing. We’re also able to assist companies interested in producing custom parts through our custom parts manufacturing process.

Custom Part Manufacturing

If your company is currently in need of custom machined parts and looking for a trusted name to provide you with custom parts manufacturing, look no further than R&D Manufacturing Inc. We can speak with you about what kinds of metal parts you would like to create and help you design and manufacture them from start to finish. Since 1994, we’ve assisted companies with medical parts and dental parts manufacturing. What’s more, we can also lend a hand to those in other industries searching for help with industrial parts manufacturing. In the past, we’ve worked with those in a wide range of industries and can produce custom turned parts for companies that specialize in optical equipment, inspection equipment, aviation, electronics, petrochemical, toys, computer hardware, aerospace, automotive, and more.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to get your hands on a single metal part in a small quantity or a bunch of different metal parts in much larger quantities, you’ll discover the industrial parts manufacturing done by R&D Manufacturing Inc. is second to none. We can deliver the tolerance ranges and quality standards that you need during custom parts manufacturing so that we’re able to leave you with the best possible parts in the end. It’s why companies have turned to us time and time again for medical parts manufacturing, dental parts manufacturing, and more.

Does your company need custom machined parts for your equipment? Leave it to R&D Manufacturing Inc. to produce the parts you’re looking for by calling us at 503-693-8088.