Tooling Design & Development for Shaft Manufacturing in Oregon

At R & D Manufacturing Inc., we specialize in producing corrugated, expanded, and perforated metal parts, and we use our machining and milling services in Oregon to do it. However, we can do more than just produce the parts that businesses need. We can also help them to develop those parts from the very beginning so that they get exactly what they want in the end. If your company is currently working to develop metal parts and in need of assistance, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Metal Part Development & Parts Engineering for Machines

During the development of a part, we will speak with you about what you are trying to produce. Whether you need a tiny part or something larger, we can then help you as you design it to fit your needs. We will point out potential problems with parts, make suggestions as far as how you can improve the parts you are going to produce, and serve in an advisory role throughout the entire process. This will give you total confidence when it comes time to call on R & D Manufacturing Inc. to actually produce your parts.

The development of a part is arguably the most important aspect of the entire production process. If you fail to account for certain things or come up short during development, it could lead to you producing a part that won’t actually work later or a part that will need to be reworked at a later date. By calling on R & D Manufacturing Inc. early in the process for help, we will see to it that you don’t run into any issues prior to producing a part.

For help with development, call R & D Manufacturing Inc. at 503-693-8088 today.