CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design & Machine Manufacturing Oregon

On this Page are some of the smaller parts that we are able to manufacture. We used a dime to show the scale of these parts. If you are in need of a manufactured metal part, talk to us first, we will more than likely quote you a price that will beat the competition. We also maintain the highest standards of quality.

Our Fabrication Process

  1. Review Supplied Drawings & Concepts
  2. Setup Proper Machinery
  3. Quality Control (check specifications on first 5 pieces)
  4. Complete Run
  5. Process Order Per Specifications
  6. Final Inspection
  7. Ship Order

Updating & Continuous Manufacturing Improvements

R & D Manufacturing Inc. corporate mission is to “provide our customers with the lowest cost while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and inspection. At R&D Manufacturing Inc. this mission is executed through attentive and professional management at all levels, beginning with our Engineers and technicians.

Core of Excellence

Management involvement begins on the working floor with empowerment of our and technicians through feed back upward of problems, recommendations, and advice. We have organized “Core of Excellence” and encourage direct communications with the Management and our Engineers.

Manufacturing Management

Manufacturing Management at R&D Manufacturing Inc. is a hands on process reflecting the many years of experience of the Manufacturing Manager and of the expertise of the principals in the company who are involved with all aspects of production on a daily basis.

Project Management

Each job is assigned a Project Manager who is responsible to the customer for all aspects of ajob from job definition to shipment, for quality, management and status reporting, and to R&D Manufacturing Inc. management for customer satisfaction. The Project Engineer is the first line point of contact with the customer. He is responsible for interpretation of customer documentation during the initial project review, preparation of assembly procedures/manuals, the establishment of inspection and testing requirements, tracking job status, and resolving problems. His responsibility ends at final packaging and shipping.

R&D Manufacturing Inc. Project Managers are carefully screened and reflect a high level of experience and education in all manufacturing disciplines.

Lean Manufacturing Improvement Process

Lean Manufacturing has been defined as “a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating non-value added activities through continuous improvement of processes.” This objective must be achieved with no reduction in the quality of work delivered.

At R&D Manufacturing Inc. Lean Manufacturing is seen as the means to competitive pricing and lowering costs to our customers.

Lean Manufacturing is practiced on a daily basis at R&D Manufacturing Inc. We do so through the following activities (just to name a few):

  • Just-In-Time Procurement
  • Avoiding Over Ordering
  • Sharing Overhead Functions
  • Outsourcing
  • Cross Training
  • Identifying Value Added Verses “Nice-To-Have”
  • Point of Use Stocking
  • Streamlined Inventory Control
  • Combining Assembly Steps
  • Quality and Workmanship Training
  • Automating Labor Intensive Processes
  • Moving Quality Upstream to Eliminate Wasteful Rework