Screw Machining Project Fulfillment

Is your company interested in putting together a prototype of a precision, machined,  metal part that you’re going to need to produce at some point in the near future? Or is your company looking to do a full production run and produce anywhere from 100 to 1 million metal parts right now? At R&D Manufacturing Inc., we’ve been carrying out custom machining projects of all sizes for more than 25 years and can help you with almost any size project that you want. We can leave you with the custom screw machined parts that you’re looking for using our detail-oriented screw machining process.

Let Us Help You Create a Prototype

The experienced and dedicated team at R&D Manufacturing Inc. has more than 50 years of collective experience in the manufacturing industry and is skilled enough to tackle a wide range of custom machining projects. Over time, we’ve worked closely with companies from a number of industries, including the medical, dental, and automotive industries, and we’ve taken on both big and small projects. This includes high volume, sub-contracted fulfillment, precision turning, and prototyping projects. We have the CAD/CAM engineering services and the machining tools and equipment that it takes to conduct custom machining projects from start to finish in no time at all.

If your company only needs to create a prototype for a metal part at this time, we can lend a hand while you conceptualize the part before designing it for you and doing the prototyping you need. We can also take the necessary steps to manufacture a large number of custom screw machined parts if you need them and deliver your parts to you as quickly as you want.

Reach out to R&D Manufacturing Inc. at 503-693-8088 to discuss the custom machining projects that we’re capable of pulling off.