Machined Shaft Parts Prototyping with Precision Manufacturing

For more than 20 years R & D Manufacturing Inc. has been providing a range of services to those companies interested in manufacturing corrugated, expanded, and perforated metal parts. From machining and milling to developing and updating, we are capable of providing many services to businesses in different industries in and around Oregon. We also offer prototyping to our customers, which is a service that involves fabricating physical parts using CAD data sources. During the prototyping process, materials are added and bonded in layers in order to create parts and products.

The prototyping that R & D Manufacturing Inc. can provide for your company will allow you to produce parts quickly and efficiently, even if those parts are complex in nature. We can produce objects for you with just about any geometric complexity or intricacy without having to utilize an elaborate machine setup. Our engineers are experts when it comes to prototyping and are fully capable of using it to benefit you and your production process. You will get the parts you are looking for based on your specific design without having to wait around for a long time.

At R & D Manufacturing Inc., we are well aware of the fact that prototyping is not always the ideal solution to part production. In some cases, machining and milling services should be used to produce parts when precision is of the utmost importance. Nevertheless, we can help you decide whether or not prototyping would be more advantageous for you by taking a look at your product designs and figuring out if prototyping makes the most sense. We welcome to opportunity to speak with you more about prototyping and all it has to offer.


To find out more about the prototyping process, call R & D Manufacturing Inc. at 503-693-8088 today or fill out our form below.