Machining Services

R&D Manufacturing Inc. provides both short run and high volume sub contract machining services & milling services to a wide range of industries including Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Automotive and more. Our services also include the precision Swiss turning and manufacturing of machined parts in our job shop.

Service Key Customers in the following fields:

  • Medical & Dental Lab Products
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Computer Hardware
  • Petrochemical
  • Optical Equipment
  • Commercial Products
  • Types of Precision Machined Products
  • Cast molding machining
  • Custom shaft manufacturing
  • Micro parts machining
  • Thread machining
  • Medical & Dental Components
  • Precision parts manufacturing
  • Standoffs & Spacers
  • Screw Machine Products
  • Custom Turned Parts
  • Superior Quality

The Motivation behind the founding of our company 12 years ago was the recognition that “superior quality” was a rarity and the promise of quality was seldom kept. Well, we hope to break that awful trend and supply our customers with nothing but the utmost superiority in craftsmanship and service. By our esteemed awards we as a company strive to achieve quality. Not just in our practices, but in our service as well, and that is our promise to you.

Machining and Milling Services:

On Time Delivery

We are competitive in spirit and we know that to be the best, the delivery challenge must be met.

Responsive Customer Service

One thing stands out in our customer’s minds: They know we ARE willing to work with our customers. In the age of Automation and Voice Recorders, it makes all the difference in the world when you find someone who really listens when you have a special need. We Listen!

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Automated design interfaces provide the most accurate and cost-effective channel from customer specification to production process with little or no lost time.

Only one thing truly matters in the world of precise machined components today:
Customer Satisfaction with Exceptional Quality

Our central focus since 1994, validated by the award letters in our files, has been customer satisfaction. This has been proven by out two major philosophies – The highest possible quality component delivered on time. We recognize that price is always the bottom line, but think of the power you get when you can have all three